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Harvest Moon

Stitch Count Harvest Moon: 43x53 Stitch Count Pumpkin: 42x31 I have used Weeks Dy Works Floss, Gentle Art's Wool and overdyed floss. It's a fun way to stitch with an assortment of fibers. No worries if you prefer DMC. These patterns will be just as yummy using the DMC substitutions. On Harvest Moon, I used 30 count Butternut from Crossed Wing Collection - but feel free to go digging in your stash! I used Weeks Dye Works wool and Dames of the Needle trim to finish out the pillow. For Pumpkin - I used 20 count Weeks Guacamole over 2 and finished into a sweet little pillow with a real stick!

Be Scary

Stitch Count: 67x107

Model stitched by Mary Jo Leamy


Stitch Count 40x40 Stitch on 14, 16, 18, or 22 count fabric.  Or try perforated paper!  All counts will fit on your included 3x3 FridgeArt Magnet


It's Fridge Art! Here's how it works
  1. Sign up at your local shop to be "in the club."
  2. Stitch them up on 14, 18 or 22 count fabric and stick them to the included 3x3 magnet!
  3. Then - once a quarter - your shop will host a club night where you can come, bring your completed magnet and embellish with buttons, bows, ribbon, sparkly things and more!
Contact your shop for more information!

Frost Soon

Stitch Count= 70 x 93

Jackie O’Lantern

Joining her friends Witchie Poo & the Frankster is Jackie O'Lantern with her darling "pumpkin pill box" hat!

Stitch Count=96x160

Pre-Market releases!

Get ready for the holidays! These great pumpkins make a great addition to your Halloween decor and the cute snowman asks Santa "Are you my buddy?" All come with embellishment packs.

Punkin’ Spider

Punkin SpiderAnother of Amy's "Just a Quickie" series - this spider is dangling by a thread and the checkered pumpkin seems a little worried!
  • Stitch Count: 29x61

Punkin’ Crow

Punkin Crow

Just a Quickie! Punkin' Crow features an adorable polka-dotted pumpkin with a proud crow standing tall on the stem.

  • Stitch Count: 46x67
  • Fabric: 30 count carrot by Weeks Dye Works
  • Sampler Threads: Black Crow, Geranium
  • Crescent Colours: Lobster Claw
  • DMC: 906

New Halloween and Witchie Poo has a boyfriend!

I am so excited to announce the newest additions to the line up! These cute little guys stitch up so quickly and look great on 30 count Weeks Dye Works Carrot!

Punkin’ Witch

takes DMC 333, 906, Sampler Threads Black Crow, Crescent Colors Lobster Claw, Weeks Dye Works Louisiana Hot Sauce, and Kreinik gold fine braid #8 and some of that fun Black Memory Thread.

Punkin’ Crow

you’ll need DMC 906, Sampler Threads Black Crow and Geranium and Crescent Colors Lobster Claw

Punkin’ Spider

you’ll need DMC 333, 906, Sampler Threads Black Crow, Geranium, and Purple Iris, and Crescent Colors Lobster Claw as well as more of that great Black Memory Thread!

Witchiepoo has a boyfriend!

The Frankster is adorable stitched on 30 count Banana Popsicle Weeks Dye Works linen and is a great companion to Witchie Poo! You’ll need DMC floss to stitch The Frankster as well as Kreinik silver fine braid and more yummy Black Memory Thread! Visit your favorite shop to pick him up!