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Harvest Moon

Stitch Count Harvest Moon: 43x53 Stitch Count Pumpkin: 42x31 I have used Weeks Dy Works Floss, Gentle Art's Wool and overdyed floss. It's a fun way to stitch with an assortment of fibers. No worries if you prefer DMC. These patterns will be just as yummy using the DMC substitutions. On Harvest Moon, I used 30 count Butternut from Crossed Wing Collection - but feel free to go digging in your stash! I used Weeks Dye Works wool and Dames of the Needle trim to finish out the pillow. For Pumpkin - I used 20 count Weeks Guacamole over 2 and finished into a sweet little pillow with a real stick!


Stitch Count 40x40 Stitch on 14, 16, 18, or 22 count fabric.  Or try perforated paper!  All counts will fit on your included 3x3 FridgeArt Magnet

Frost Soon

Stitch Count= 70 x 93

Bubba-September Sampler

School days, school days, good old Golden Rule days, readin' and riten' and rithmatic......Bubba's off to School!

Stitch Count = 58 x 120